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Is 72 hours enough time?

Is 72 hours enough time? I know that as any event gets close people will decide not to invest in their business success because of the short notice. They will decide to attend “the next one”, but not everyone. There are always a few people out there who will do whatever it takes to make … Read more…

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What I Learned in Two Years of Failure

I have been thinking a lot lately about why people join a home based business and why they don’t get the results that they hoped for. I’m sure you didn’t get started just to make a few hundred dollars a month for a short while and then stop trying, either, so I wanted to share my thoughts … Read more…

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“Where do I start?” and “What’s next?” answered

Smarter Networker Product Flow A lot of people who have completed the bootcamp and are looking to purchase one on Dani’s amazing CD collections ask “where do I start?”. Well, I took that question strait to the source and got Dani’s thoughts on the flow of her product line. Of course, she had a plan … Read more…

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Dump your team and start a new one!

Dump your team and start a new one! What?! Dump my team, are you crazy? No, not really. Have you ever felt like your business was stagnant even though you are way too busy? Is your check dropping even though you are on the phone more than ever? Have you lost the enthusiasm for your … Read more…

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Is Dani “old school”?

  Over the last few weeks I have been lurking on a bunch of MLM forums and checking out what people are saying about Dani. It has been very interesting to say the least. One of the first things I noticed was that there were almost no negative comments, which really surprised me. Not because … Read more…

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Why go PRO?

The Smarter Networker affiliate program is designed to help the professional networker manager their time and stay focused on what’s important, recruiting and selling. We believe that the PRO membership offers a ton of valuable content at a great price, only $100 per year. The benefits include portability of the bootcamp and all of the … Read more…

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The Vision of Smarter Networker

Smarter Networker has a vision to build professional home business operators and to help grow the size of our industry. We believe that these two things go hand-in-hand and by improving the skill set of the next generation of home business entrepreneurs we (all of us) can grow this industry and create a new level … Read more…

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Get the most out of Smarter Networker!

Smarter Networker exists to help you have success in your home based business. Period. You will not be recruited into any business opportunity now or down the road. This is a safe environment for you, the home based entrepreneur, to access some outrageous material, learn some new skills and improve your results. Almost every home based business … Read more…

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