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Webinar Series

This year we are doing a Semi Weekly Webinar Series at Smarter Networker. The idea here is to take a walk through Dani Johnson’s Seven Step Home Business System and give you some practical application that you can use immediately. I will share some of the ways I used this system to build a business … Read more…

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Enrolling Barrier

Saturday Training Series – The Enrolling Barrier

Saturday Training Series – The “Enrolling Barrier” Segment Enrolling is one of the bigger barriers in our business and breaking that barrier is key to your success. Your team will thank you and your pay check will grow by adding this segment to your Saturday Training. In the “Retail Barrier” we spoke about mobilizing your … Read more…

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Retail Barrier

Saturday Training Series – The “Retail Barrier” Segment

Saturday Training Series – The Retail Barrier Segment If you can break through the “Retail Barrier” your business will soar to amazing new levels! Why? Retail sales will drive your team volume through the roof, generate tons of commissions and help you achieve new levels in your plan. If just 10 people in your business … Read more…

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Saturday Training Series “The Product Barrier”

Saturday Training Series – The Product Barrier Segment The big benefit of this training segment is better usage of the product, which drives sales volume and generates a raving fan base. Those raving fans will generate new customers like crazy through word-of-mouth. New people always need to be resold on the products (and everything else) … Read more…

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Maximize your retail profits!

My wife made $65,000 her first year in business in just retail sales income. WHAT?! Yup, $65K….she’s a badass. So, why do so many people over look this powerful income stream? I think it’s because most people don’t know how to do this effectively. But, if I show you how, would you follow the steps? … Read more…

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Dani’s Million Dollar Saturday Training Outline –Part 1

  Your weekly training is the single most important event that you’re NOT doing! Am I right, or what? Most people don’t ever do a weekly training because they don’t know how to do it. Well, it’s time to change that, are you ready! Now, some of you are saying that you do weekly trainings … Read more…

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Dani’s Three Meeting Plan

Dani’s Three Meeting Plan – (Resources at the bottom of the page) In my conversations with folks in the field I have been getting a lot of questions lately about Dani’s Three Meeting Plan.  So, I am hoping to lay it out here and clarify a few questions I’ve been hearing. The three meeting plan … Read more…

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Week 2: Dani’s strategy to find this months “project”.

I hope you’re off to a great start in June and you’re following Dani’s strategy to create a huge check this month. If you missed “week:1″ of this series click here to get caught up. Dani never listened to what a new start said; she only watched what they did. How many times did someone … Read more…

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Week 1: Dani’s Strategy to find this months “project”.

Week 1: Dani’s Strategy to find this months “project”. One of the things I learned working with Dani in the field was that she had a monthly strategy to build someone else’s check. By focusing on building a new person she would accomplish a number of things that most amateurs don’t understand. The biggest thing … Read more…

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“Where do I start?” and “What’s next?” answered

Smarter Networker Product Flow A lot of people who have completed the bootcamp and are looking to purchase one on Dani’s amazing CD collections ask “where do I start?”. Well, I took that question strait to the source and got Dani’s thoughts on the flow of her product line. Of course, she had a plan … Read more…

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