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Week 1: Dani’s Strategy to find this months “project”.

Week 1: Dani’s Strategy to find this months “project”. One of the things I learned working with Dani in the field was that she had a monthly strategy to build someone else’s check. By focusing on building a new person she would accomplish a number of things that most amateurs don’t understand. The biggest thing … Read more…

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That one moment that changed everything

Have you ever had one on those moments that triggers a whole new direction in your life? That moment that, when you look back on it, is the hinge to something new and different and, hopefully, better? Usually, those moments are unexpected and not always welcome but they are significant and they cause action. I … Read more…

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20 hours a week = millionaire?

Dani Johnson runs five successful companies with just 20 hours a week. Read that again… Dani Johnson runs five successful companies with just 20 hours a week. “How is that possible?” is the question that immediately comes to mind. In the first installment of this series we prioritized all of the things in your home … Read more…

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Are the big weekend events worth it?

$1000 for one weekend? One or two days off work? Airports, taxi’s, hotels? Are you kidding me? Ever heard that before? I bet you have! I know you have if you’ve been building a home based business for anywhere close to a year. Heck, you probably thought that the first time you had someone tell you that … Read more…

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Five hours a week?

Yesterday we talked about some of the problems that you may be having in controlling the amount of time you send on your home based business. It really comes down to two things; priorities and results. Keeping you priorities in order and focusing on the things that produce results in your business. I hope you … Read more…

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Can your home based business really bring you time freedom?

Remember when you first got started in your home based business and one of the things that was appealing to you was the “time freedom” that was promised? Maybe you heard something like “You can have the freedom to do what you want, with whom you want, whenever you want”.  It all sounds great but … Read more…

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“Where do I start?” and “What’s next?” answered

Smarter Networker Product Flow A lot of people who have completed the bootcamp and are looking to purchase one on Dani’s amazing CD collections ask “where do I start?”. Well, I took that question strait to the source and got Dani’s thoughts on the flow of her product line. Of course, she had a plan … Read more…

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Why go PRO?

The Smarter Networker affiliate program is designed to help the professional networker manager their time and stay focused on what’s important, recruiting and selling. We believe that the PRO membership offers a ton of valuable content at a great price, only $100 per year. The benefits include portability of the bootcamp and all of the … Read more…

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