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Ignite Your Fall Push

Ignite your fall push Fall is the best time of year for our business but you need a strategy to take advantage of the season. The reason the coming season is so great is that most people’s schedules are a lot more stable. Great weather, vacations, kids at home, pool parties (instead of home parties) … Read more…

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Week 3: Dani’s strategy to find this months “project”.

At this point you have found some workers and made them some money, now it’s time to upgrade their commitment level! Week 3 of the normal month was always a blast because this was when we had some kind of big event coming up on the weekend and everyone was excited about it. Usually, this … Read more…

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That one moment that changed everything

Have you ever had one on those moments that triggers a whole new direction in your life? That moment that, when you look back on it, is the hinge to something new and different and, hopefully, better? Usually, those moments are unexpected and not always welcome but they are significant and they cause action. I … Read more…

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Are the big weekend events worth it?

$1000 for one weekend? One or two days off work? Airports, taxi’s, hotels? Are you kidding me? Ever heard that before? I bet you have! I know you have if you’ve been building a home based business for anywhere close to a year. Heck, you probably thought that the first time you had someone tell you that … Read more…

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