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Are you behind in hitting your goals?

We all know we should set big goals and work really hard at those goals but life always seems to get in the way. How can we balance all of the things that are pulling on our time? Time management? Prioritize? Just quit? Well we know we can’t just quit so we have to DO … Read more…

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Pick one!

Pick one!! But pick wisely. This advice could apply to a lot of things but I’m talking about your mentor. We all have them, whether we know it or not, but purposely picking the right mentor could have a huge positive impact on your life. What I have noticed about our industry is that the … Read more…

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That gnawing feeling

Got that sinking Sunday evening feeling? About mid-afternoon on Sunday that sinking feeling of dread starts to creep over your otherwise relaxed weekend. You know the feeling I’m talking about, right? The I-have-to-go-to-work-tomorrow-at-a-job-that-I-hate feeling. It starts gnawing in your belly around 3pm when you realize your weekend is slipping away and another week is about … Read more…

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Ignite Your Fall Push

Ignite your fall push Fall is the best time of year for our business but you need a strategy to take advantage of the season. The reason the coming season is so great is that most people’s schedules are a lot more stable. Great weather, vacations, kids at home, pool parties (instead of home parties) … Read more…

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20 hours a week = millionaire?

Dani Johnson runs five successful companies with just 20 hours a week. Read that again… Dani Johnson runs five successful companies with just 20 hours a week. “How is that possible?” is the question that immediately comes to mind. In the first installment of this series we prioritized all of the things in your home … Read more…

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Five hours a week?

Yesterday we talked about some of the problems that you may be having in controlling the amount of time you send on your home based business. It really comes down to two things; priorities and results. Keeping you priorities in order and focusing on the things that produce results in your business. I hope you … Read more…

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Can your home based business really bring you time freedom?

Remember when you first got started in your home based business and one of the things that was appealing to you was the “time freedom” that was promised? Maybe you heard something like “You can have the freedom to do what you want, with whom you want, whenever you want”.  It all sounds great but … Read more…

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