I have been thinking a lot lately about why people join a home based business and why they don’t get the results that they hoped for. I’m sure you didn’t get started just to make a few hundred dollars a month for a short while and then stop trying, either, so I wanted to share my thoughts with you and see if you agree.

I believe that many people get started in a home based business because they fall in love with the idea of an extra income that they don’t have to work hard at to earn. The promise of unlimited earning potential and a residual income for life sound great. The idea that once the business gets going “other people” will be making money for me while I sleep is exciting. So why isn’t it working?

Well, I think that before this business becomes “easy” and before my earnings can become unlimited and before my residual income starts kicking in and before “other people” start working, I have to get good at what I do. I have to learn what it takes to make it and then get good at those skills. I learned this very early in my career and now you have learned it too.

But this creates a new decision for you as it did for me; do I want to try again? I decided to try again and thank God that I did. It took me two years of trial and error to learn a system that works and to start making real money. I tried a lot of things that got me some success but it usually didn’t last too long. I also tried a few things that didn’t work at all. But I did learn a system that works and works extremely well.

What’s the system? Well, there are lots of names for it and I don’t want you to prejudge it by hearing one of the names that you may have heard before. So, I am just going to ask you to try one more time, to learn one system and to decide never to quit. If you do those things, as Dani Johnson says, you will be unusually successful.

The system? Dani teaches it is her CD set Instant Customer Goldmine and I recommend that you click on the link and order that today. The great thing about this system, other than the 24 year proven track record, is that it is compatible with every opportunity on the planet. It is something that anyone can do if they are willing to learn a few skills and consistently put them into play. I nearly tripled my income, earning $65,000, the year that I learned this system and put it into play.

Anyway, if you have made it this far into this letter and any of what I have said relates to you, I just want to say that THERE IS HOPE! I would love to hear from you if you have listened to the Instant Customer Goldmine series.

Please email me at brian@smarternetworker or post a reply to this blog entry.

Keep going,