Is 72 hours enough time?

I know that as any event gets close people will decide not to invest in their business success because of the short notice. They will decide to attend “the next one”, but not everyone. There are always a few people out there who will do whatever it takes to make it, no excuses.

The question is: do YOU believe people will make that choice? If you are promoting an upcoming event whether it is a local Saturday training, a big yearly corporate event or a First Steps to Success, when do you stop promoting? When you stop promoting is the point at which you stop believing people will make the choice to attend.

Do people make last minute decisions to come to First Steps to Success? Do people drop everything and travel across the country on a moment’s notice? Do people find baby sitters and take time off work so that they can invest in their skillset? The answer is, most definitely, YES!

About 17 years ago (wow, I’m getting old) my wife and I did a presentation on a Wednesday evening to a room that would hold 100+ people, only six had shown up! Hmmmm, what to do? We had driven 200 miles to be there and we had made a promise to our new start that we would help her succeed. So, we did the meeting, of course.

During that meeting, I shared a lot of success stories about the opportunity that we were presenting but I mainly focused on the First Steps to Success event that was starting in about 72 hours. The 6 women at that meeting had a combined total of 12 children, 4 jobs, 4 husbands and lots of responsibilities and most were “broke”. But, 5 of the 6 found a way to get to First Steps. (Facts tell, stories sell, baby)

In the next twelve months after their first event those 5 women made a combined total of around $250,000 in profit. The top earner made $125,000, another made $75,000. Over the next few years thousands of people were positively affected by those women and a lot of money was made.

What if my new bride and I had packed it in and decided not to make that drive and not to do that meeting because it was “too close” to the event? We’ll just do it next time…

The funny thing was that most of those women didn’t come to the event because of the business skills they would learn, they didn’t come because they were looking for a life changing weekend, they didn’t care who Dani Johnson was or what she had accomplished. They came because they just needed a break from reality. In fact, they missed the Friday evening segment because they were in the hot tub with a bottle of wine.

But by noon on Saturday they were changed people. One of the women came up to Dani and asked “how do I make $100K this year?” Dani said “show up every month with no fewer than 10 new people.” She did and she did. $125,000 her first year.

So when do you stop believing? One week out? 72 hours? One day out?