If you have been to one of Dani’s live events you know how amazing the experience is and how it impacts your business. If you haven’t been yet, prepare to be blown away. But is it possible to make it even better? Yes, I think it is!

One of the best things about our business is the bond between team mates who are all working together to reach their dreams. So, when your team gets together at a Home Business Entrepreneur Workshop it is a perfect time to enjoy a dinner together or a night out on the town. Even just hanging out together in the lobby of the hotel can be a ton of fun and create the desired effect of building team spirit. As we approach the event in Los Angeles I wanted to share some ideas I have that may make your weekend even more memorable.

Before I get too far into this, I wanted to tell you about the PROmoter special that Smarter Networker is putting together for our PRO members. We want to reward the leaders who are promoting our Full Meal Deal package in a way that can help their businesses grow.  So, we have a fun way to earn things like a GoPro camera, event photo packages from Angela, music from Isa and some of the product available at Smarter Networker. Use these gifts as ways to enhance your team websites and emails or re-gift them as incentives for your team. Either way we hope this program will benefit your entire team in some way. 

No matter what size your team is you can always use the few free hours available at a weekend event to add to the “glue” that keeps your team together.  In the last few months I have seen some great ideas that don’t cost anything but still accomplish the goal. One thing saw last month that really was brilliant was a small team having a “picnic” in the hallway at lunch. It looked like it was potluck style and everyone was laughing and having a great time. Why not organize something like this with your group and enhance the experience by inviting someone from your company who is more successful to share a few tips?

Many top leaders organize a team meeting to set some goals and talk about the action steps coming out of an event. I have seen these in smaller banquet rooms, hotel suites and even in service hallways. The important thing is to have a plan and maybe even a promotion to get your team focused on for the following week. Without a plan, many people don’t put their new skills to use quickly, while they’re fresh, and don’t get the maximum benefit. These events are also a great time to give recognition to EVERYONE who made the investment into themselves by attending the event.

While spending a lot of money is not needed to have a great experience, as a leader, you may want to splurge once-in-a-while and take your team, or your top producers, on a memorable excursion. For example, Seal Beach is about 30 minutes from the hotel in July and this sunset will happen with or without you, why not be there with your folks? Take a walk on the boardwalk and enjoy a hotdog together, non-GMO, of course. (And film it all with your GoPro camera from Smarter Networker)

Anyway, I think you get the point, put in a little thought and extra effort, and you can make your next event something truly memorable for your entire team, whether that is two people or 100. These experiences are a great way to generate stories that will help you promote the next event, as well.

See y’all soon in California!


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