At this point you have found some workers and made them some money, now it’s time to upgrade their commitment level!

Week 3 of the normal month was always a blast because this was when we had some kind of big event coming up on the weekend and everyone was excited about it. Usually, this was a First Steps to Success event but if we didn’t have that we would hold some sort of bigger than normal training or involvement event. The key word here is: INVOLVEMENT.

Up ‘til this point in the month we had been doing home presentations and smaller group trainings on Saturdays. This week was a chance for all of our new people to get an opportunity to meet top producers from other areas and other teams and to start to see the bigger picture of what they were building. Everyone likes being part of something bigger than themselves and now is the time to show people the big vision for your company and your team.

If you have been following Dani’s plan outlined in this series you should have a couple of people who are showing themselves to be strong contenders for your “project”. You will, also, have a number of other new people who are actively promoting your business or products. So far, you have been focusing on their success by holding presentations in their homes and spending time with these people. Now it is important to get them exposed to other successful people in your company.

The best way to do this is, of course, attending a Home Business Entrepreneurs Workshop with Dani Johnson. Nowhere else will someone get the skills training that they are now ready to receive and see the potential of our industry then at a Dani Johnson event. The next best thing is your company’s big yearly corporate event because these events are great at building belief in what you’re building (see my article on the pro’s and con’s of these events). The third option would be some sort of regional team or company event. And finally, a local team training or even a pot luck social event will help accomplish the goal of getting your new people exposed to other successful people in your business.

One of the big benefits of a good monthly involvement event is that it will upgrade the commitment level of people who still haven’t decided to be “all in” with your business. Dani is a master at getting people to see the value of the business they are in and make sure they are positioned to make the maximum income. This means they need to get upgraded to the top starting package and make this business a priority in their weekly schedule, as well. Bringing your new people to a Dani Johnson training event is a very profitable way to develop your team. The increase in business and the commissions earned from upgrades will more than cover the cost of attending.

So, this week is dedicated to getting people committed to attending the next available event. Of course, you are still doing all of the money making activities outlined in the first two installments of this series.  But, your focus shifts towards getting people registered and committed to the big event. Remember, all of the presentations you have done during the month have mentioned Dani’s training events and so this isn’t a new concept. The best way to get people committed to attending is by sharing stories of other attendees and their success. Facts tell and stories sell, use this strategy just like you did to sell your products and your business.

You may have a few questions about the “project” concept. Basically, you are still sorting through the new people looking for a committed worker. This person will be your “project” and you will stack all of your other volume and efforts under that person in some way. Also, your “project” is someone you will work directly with next month, too. We’ll spend a lot of time on these areas next week but one way a strong worker will identify themselves is by attending a the big event and by bringing people with them.

Next week we will wrap this series up by “building a fire” and closing some serious volume. Much of this hinges on how successful your big weekend event in exposing your new people to the big picture and to other successful people. So, focus on your next big event this week and get your team committed to attending.


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