As I sat there in awe of what was happening before my eyes I had to wonder “what did I miss?” I had watched Dani build business for an entire month and I was finishing out a good month, too, but nothing like what I was seeing. There was a line of people standing in front of Dani desperately asking her insight as to what more could they do to become her “project”. What more could they do to close a few more dollars in business or get just one more person started in the remaining hour or two of the month. Can you imagine the people you helped get started this month begging YOU for advice on how they can do more? For most of us, that would be the opposite of what usually happens in the final week, days and hours of a sales month.

If you have been following along with this series, you know that Dani has been promoting the idea of someone earning the “project of the month” status. This would be the person who, as the top producer, would get the benefit of Dani’s extra personal enrollees and volume and would earn the biggest check that month. But it was something much more significant than that, this was the person that Dani would point to next month as the example of what was possible. Imagine having just earned $5000 in your first month and every time you were near Dani she would be using you as the example of a teachable, hardworking professional who just made $5000 in their first 30 days. Now imagine if you had guests with you every time you were near Dani when she said those things. Being the “project” had huge long-term benefits for your business and everyone wanted to be that person.

Most of the people still in the running had just graduated their first First Steps event and had upgraded to the top package which, at the time, was four thousand dollars. They had also brought one or two, or five, people to First Steps and those people had also upgraded, it’s just the way it works. A lot of volume had already happened but there was still two or three hours left in the month! Dani was still on the phone talking to everyone that she had met with that month even if they had never done anything to this point. Many times she would close another package or two and that would ignite a whole new level of intensity as people tried to earn that volume for their team. It was insane.

The most amazing thing about this whole experience was Dani’s grace. She didn’t break a sweat and she didn’t break a promise.  Everyone had a great time, made some money and was looking forward to next month, even second place.

By now you probably want me to share the secrets of what Dani said or did that made all of this happen. I wish I could do it justice in a blog post like this but it just can’t be done. In fact, the last three articles have most of the secrets in them and now it is all just coming together. I will, however, point you to some resources at the bottom of the page where you can hear Dani herself share the secrets. It really is something that can only be caught, not taught. It is more of an attitude than a system, more of a posture than words.  But, the good news is that your skills can improve and your business can benefit from Dani’s monthly strategy.

Just this weekend I was in San Antonio having lunch with a couple of amazing leaders and much of our conversation was relating to this strategy in their business. Dani’s strategy can be infused into every company and every comp plan but it’s your posture and attitude that really make it come together. Are you begging people to join your company or are they begging you?

What can you do to really catch this attitude and strategy right now? First, listen to the audios and videos listed below; they can help you right now, this month. Second, and this is the big one, get yourself to the new First Steps to Success, and hear it from Dani herself! There is no way to replicate the experience of hearing Dani go through this herself. Third, don’t go this event alone; bring someone, ANYONE, with you. To tell you the truth, I never mastered closing a month like Dani did, but I quickly learned that if I brought people and put them in front of Dani, they would do great things. Many times they would out produce me, what a beautiful thing!



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