Your weekly training is the single most important event that you’re NOT doing! Am I right, or what? Most people don’t ever do a weekly training because they don’t know how to do it. Well, it’s time to change that, are you ready!

Now, some of you are saying that you do weekly trainings or you plug into someone else’s training. That’s awesome, but I’m guessing that those training are not producing the results you want to see. So, that brings me to the big question: what result should your training create? Most people never ask this question.

The answer is that you want people in ACTION MODE. A rah-rah session will not put people into action mode nor will information overload. Your weekly training needs to be well structured and designed to put people to work. So what puts people to work? Two things: 1) knowing what to do and 2) knowing they will have your help doing it.

Saturday’s were our weekly training days and we had a fixed structure that did not change based on who showed up. It was designed to get new people into action mode. One of the most critical parts of the event happened before anyone ever sat down in their seats! Our meet and greet time created an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. This lead strait into some recognition which was fun and encouraging and it got the newest people INVOLVED in the event. Next week I will share the training out line that you can adapt to your program if you want to.

EVENT: Monday Night Strategy Call

DATE & TIME: Monday Nights at 9:00pm Central

DIAL IN: (425) 440-5100, Guest Code: 192263#


Maybe your still not convince that you can do a Saturday training but you need to remember that INVOLVEMENT is critical to your success. You also have a ton or resources available with Smarter Networker! Just welcome your guests, give them some recognition, tell some product stories and then play the first day of the free 30 day bootcamp! Or, better yet, pick up a copy of Dani’s Dynamic Duplication and play one of the DVD’s and I guarantee you will put your people in action mode!

Stay tuned to the blog for next week’s Million Dollar Saturday Training outline and don’t miss this week call! – Brian


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