“I’m always closing” – Dani Johnson

Last weekend at the Home Business Entrepreneurs Workshop, Dani made this comment and then went on to say she is always closing her kids or her husband or a business acquaintance….and it’s true. So, it kind of hit me that if a multi-millionaire has developed the habit of always working towards a favorable outcome then I might want to gain that skill.

The last couple of weeks we have been talking about Saturday trainings and how to make them simple and effective. Basically, any interaction we have with our team mates should generate action in our business. This leaves no room for complaining or grumpiness and only focuses on production. So, in a sense, we are always closing our team on working!

Of course we have to lead by example but we always need to be closing those that want something more from life. Closing them on getting started in our business, closing them on following directions, closing them on attending events, ect. Shouldn’t we then get great at closing?

I thought so too, so, I am going to get a copy of the brand new edition of Dani’s Prospecting and Closing your Way to Millions program, with the new DVD’s added, and start watching!  I hope you’ll join me; in fact, this would be a great way to improve your entire teams’ skills in this area.

By using the outline from last week’s blog post for Dani’s Saturday training (click here) and just playing one of the 7 DVD’s each week you could create a team of closing machines! Imagine the sales volume a team of good closers could produce. That would be a no-brainer investment into yourself and your team.

The thing about closing is that it really is a universal skill that we need in all areas of our life. No matter what style of business we do; leads, home parties, hotel meeting, online…it all comes down to results.

What if you could increase your closing ratios 10% for each step of your process? Meaning 10% more people would give you their contact info, 10% more would agree to take a look, 10% more would get started and 10% more would go to work. It would result in more than just a 10% increase in income. If your normal ratio is one 1 of 10 that starts your process goes to work in your business, a 10% increase would actually double your income!

Little things make a big difference and this is why I am so excited about the new DVD’s. We get to SEE Dani’s posture! Having worked with her in the past, I can tell you this is a big reason she has had so much success.  Weather it is how she mirrors someone or knowing when to apply “poker face, duct tape!” it makes so much sense when you see it.

I hope you CLOSE your month strong!



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