Smarter Networker has a vision to build professional home business operators and to help grow the size of our industry. We believe that these two things go hand-in-hand and by improving the skill set of the next generation of home business entrepreneurs we (all of us) can grow this industry and create a new level of success for more people. Today thousands of people got started in a new  business opportunity and are diving in  with all of their enthusiasm and excitement but with out all of the skill they need to truly make their business work for the long run. Excitement will many times overcome a lack of skill but what if you had both skill and excitement?  This   is why the free 30 day bootcamp is so powerful because it builds on your excitement and your existing skill by adding the specific home business skills you need now. Vision of Smarter Networker

Real success in our industry should be measured by the growth of the number of professionals earning a high level of income and the growth of the sales we generate. Professionals improve the reputation of our industry by their actions, they attract new people to our industry and help them achieve great things. Along the way, they reach new groups of people in a positive way and this creates real growth.

The Smarter Networker free 30 day bootcamp, PRO membership, script book, Dani Johnson CD sets, First Steps to Success events, and more, is all focused on reaching the goal of creating professionals who will rise up and radically expand the reach and power of the home based business industry. Tap into these powerful resources, share them with others and experience the growth that only professionals can bring to your business. – Brian Vision of Smarter Networker