Two C’s that make all the difference

Why do two teams of people, in the same exact home based business opportunity, have different results? [Please add your comments to mine at the bottom of this post.]

Have you ever seen this in your company where one team has the intangible thing that just seems to keep them growing? While other teams seem to always be going up and down and don’t make much progress. What’s the difference?

Both teams have talented people; they both have the same corporate resources, product and compensation, so what’s the difference?

I think I can boil it down to two C’s: Culture and Coaching.

Of course, every company has both of these things, but if both teams, in this example, have the same corporate culture and corporate training how can you create that missing “thing” and set your team apart? Here are a few ideas.

Here’s one definition of Culture: The predominating attitudes and behavior that characterize the functioning of a group or organization.

So what are the attitudes AND behavior that define your team? Unshakeable belief in your direction, company, team and strategy would be a good attitude to develop.  Gratitude and honor of team members and a general optimism about the future would other attitudes to infuse into yourself and your team.

In addition to hard work, of course, what behaviors is your team known for? Try adding regular recognition and appreciation to your list. People will DO more for recognition than anything else. Does your team hang out together? Even if you’re spread out all over the country it’s important to get together and just have fun and get to know each other, relationship is the glue for your business. Study the successful teams and see what they DO to create their team identity.

Now, let’s talk about the second C: “Coaching”. Have you ever had a good coach? The term “coach” implies a durable relationship that is present during the entire process of improving your skill. The term “trainer”, to me, implies a short term relationship that is only present during the presentation of information. Your company provides “training” at their corporate events, for example. Coaching, on the other hand, is an ongoing process that should be part of your team culture.

Coaching is a great way to build relationships and give people a sense of support. It can also be a distraction to the coach so you need to find a good way to coach your team and individuals on your team and still put most of your effort into building your business.

The trick to being a great coach is to provide the needed information at the moment it is needed. As your team grows, this can get difficult because everyone is at a different place in their development. Take advantage of the resources available to you at Smarter Networker in this area. By this, I mean, use the available training content and let Dani Johnson deliver the needed information at just the right moment. That’s being a good coach.

The big bonus is that you will now be free to coach your team on the things that are unique about your opportunity. Maybe you have a system or method that you are known for, home parties, for example. Use you coaching time to share the things that are working for you in this area. Or, maybe your business is product focused, or cause focused, and you can now use your coaching time to focus on these areas. You’ll stay more excited because you now get to reconnect with the thing that you are passionate about.

This will permeate everything you do, and quickly, your entire team.

Keep it simple, stay focused as you grow, stay connected with what you’re passionate about and you will create a powerful culture. Delegate the grunt work, coach where you are passionate, give lots of recognition and you will become a sought after leader.