Wow, last weekend in Los Angeles was epic! It always seems like the last event was the best one EVER but I think it might actually have been!

The segment Dani did on Monday about edification and the “three meeting plan” was worth the cost of the entire weekend alone. And, with well over 500 attendees at the Home Business Entrepreneurs Workshop, I’m sure that segment will produce some amazing results as folks put it into play.

There is just nothing like putting your people in front of Dani Johnson to build lasting results and real leadership. I have said many times that all I did to create monthly sales of over $250,000 a month was to just put people in front of Dani. It is so simple that many people don’t believe it will work.

I want to challenge you to try this out for yourself. No, I’m not asking you to attend a Home Business Entrepreneurs Workshop, bring a bunch of people and see what happens. I know that is a big step since you are looking at about $1000 per person to do that. No, I have something much more simple in mind.

On Monday, in LA, Dani announced that she had agreed to do a live coaching webinar training exclusively for Smarter Networker clients. This is huge because it has been about three years since the last event like this.  And, she has not done a 100% home business focused event in a lot longer than that.

So, what does this mean to you? Well, you now have an opportunity to get some personalized training, directly from Dani from the comfort of your home. And by personalized, I mean, she will answer your personal question live on the air. All you have to do is register, submit your question via email and attend this two hour training on Thursday, the 30th of January.

Not only will you get your question answered but you’ll get to hear her answer questions from people all over the country at all levels of our business. So, folks that are just starting out and seasoned veterans will all be picking her brain and you’ll get to see it all live.

Back to my challenge. As you can imagine, this is going to be a pretty awesome evening and you will learn a lot from it. But I challenge you to invite your team to watch it with you. Even if you only have one or two people that are thinking about joining your business, you will want to have them attend with you. The main reason is that this will multiply your momentum by the number of people you have with you. Just try it, you’ll see.

By now you may be asking “how do I access this event?” Well, there are two ways.

First, you can just go to and register for just $27. You can then have your team come over to your house and watch and learn together. If you have team members outside of your local area, just send them the link and have them register separately. Each $27 registration will allow one computer access to the event and we will send you the recording within a few days.

Second, if you have been thinking about upgrading to the PRO level membership, do it now! We have included this webinar as part of the PRO membership and, if you upgrade now, we can still have time to get you a free registration to the event. Here is a link to all of the PRO benefits if you want to take a look.

Either way, make sure you send me an email with your questions for Dani at:

The bottom line is that any involvement will create more activity. Involvement with Dani Johnson will create leadership and sales like you have never seen. There are countless stories of leaders who have just continued to put people, themselves and others, in front of Dani and have seen amazing growth.

Try it, I challenge you!