One of the goals of Smarter Networker is to help people make their first $1000 in their home based business. For those of you have been around for a while you know how important that first financial success is to a new person. You also know that if you help a lot of people earn that first $1000 your check goes crazy.

I personally believe that the single best thing that can help a new person succeed in the team culture they plug into at the start of their business. This culture gives them encouragement to get out of their comfort zone and do something different. This culture gives them the structure and training to get them moving in the right direction. And this culture keeps them accountable to the team.

When I was building full time with Dani Johnson, our #1 priority was to help a new person earn $100 in their first 48 hours.  To do this we would have them host a home presentation or bring their contacts to an office presentation. Whatever the very next opportunity was to get them earning money was promoted as the only opportunity for them to make money. They didn’t have a choice to wait a week or two until the timing was better. Our culture was intense and serious and we would play as hard as we worked.

The weekends were full of pot luck meals, volleyball, late nights at Denny’s and just hangin’ out together.  We were tight, unshakeable and driven. And that culture duplicated from team to team and, state to state, as we grew.

One of the core components to our success was Dani Johnson. Not only did she teach us the business but she made us all a ton of money by closing and training our contacts. So, when Dani did a conference call or a live event or a training of any kind, we packed the house. No questions. We did not treat our business as hobbies because they weren’t. It was part of our job descriptions to “Just put’em in front of Dani”.

Let me ask you, what does you culture look like? Today, our businesses can be spread all over the country and even the world. That creates a few challenges but it doesn’t remove the need for your team to have a culture, an identity. What’s yours? Maybe it is not as intense as ours was, that’s OK, but you still need to have one.

Maybe you are part of a team that has great leadership and has a strong culture that you can just plug into. If that’s the case, please take a few moments to connect with your leaders and say “thanks” for what they do in this area. It takes effort to create that culture and it take time away from their personal business building efforts.

If you are an “orphan” who doesn’t have a strong leader or any team culture to plug into, it’s time to step up and start creating one for yourself and your future team mates.

The upcoming webinar with Dani Johnson is a perfect opportunity to build on your culture. Promote it like is the only chance to see Dani Johnson in action. Get your team together, have a pot luck meal and watch it as a group. Schedule a team call directly after the webinar if your team is spread out.  Just don’t waste this opportunity.

Check out this short video

Dani has already agreed to do a few more of these events IF we keep the attendance growing. Imagine if you had 10 people on the February 20th event. Imagine if each of those 10 had 5 new people at the next one. What would happen to your business? You know what would happen.

See you on Thursday,