What was the thing that made you risk rejection and pick up the phone? What was the thing that pushed you to do something that you knew you would not be good at? What was the thing that finally made you DO SOMETHING to change your situation?

For me it was a 98 lb woman calling me a “@#&!^ coward”

No joke, that’s what triggered me to take action, watch this:

36 months later our business was doing $280,000 a month in sales volume.

Along the way we had a lot of ups and downs but the great thing was that we always had access to great training. Information that would get us through a problem, over a hurdle or through a barrier.

Right now Dani Johnson is on a speaking tour through Russia, Latvia, and England sharing with people who are hungry for this information. She is speaking to audiences, large and small, who want to know how they can change their lives and make a difference in other’s lives, as well. Dani didn’t see this coming 23 years ago.

I’m sharing this with you because most people don’t see their home business as a vehicle to an outrageous life. But it can be just that.

“Maybe it can make me a few hundred dollars a month”.  “Maybe it can help me pay off my debt”.  “Maybe I can quit my job”.

I can be so much more.

I’m not just talking about the money you can earn but, also, the doors that it will open, the skills that you will develop and the places it can take you. The business you are in can deliver the life that you want. I believe that today because I have seen it happen for so many people.

Dani, of course, is one of those people but how many more of them are around you right now? The leaders in your company are probably just a few of the people you have heard of who have created amazing lives for themselves.

They all have one thing in common….they all made that first call.



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