So, on Thursday night we had an awesome call focused on First Steps to Success and Dani’s 5 levels of involvement. My question is: where are you right now and are you ready for the next step?

Here are the steps:
1) You are plugged into the free material like the 30 Day Bootcamp, the Monday Night Strategy Call and our blog. If this is you, you are getting about 10% of the power of Dani’s system.

2) You are actively using PAID content like CD sets and the PRO level membership. You probably are getting your group plugged into this content, as well. This level gives you about 20% of the results available.

3) You have attended one First Steps to Success and are applying what you learned. This was a big step and now you are getting around 40% of what is available.

4) You have gone to more than one event and you are continuing to develop your skills. This will give you about 60% – 70% of the available power of Dani’s system as your personal abilities grow.

5) You are attending regularly AND you are bringing people with you. By helping others develop their skills, your success is magnified exponentially and many people lives are being positively affected. 100%

So where do you fit in? Each step will make you money, the higher the step the more you will make. But, what are your goals? How serious are you about hitting that goal?

While you are thinking about that, listen to our call on Thursday night and share this link with anyone in your team that wants to more from their home based business. The next Monday Night Strategy Call will highlight Dani walking through these five steps and the value of each one.

For me, step 3 paid me $2000 in 10 hours of work, Step 4 earned me about $12,000 in my first year, and step 5 helped me build a business that did more than $250,000 per month in sales in three years. How much would you be earning if your business was doing $250,000 in sales per month?

When you look at it that way, Dani’s system is a pretty amazing value.

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