Why do we make our businesses so complicated?  It used to be we would talk to people, show them our deal, ask for the sale and then teach them how to do the same thing. That was it, simple, right?

Now, our “system” has to have a 7 minute preview video, a follow up call, a second look video, another follow up call, a three way call, a series of conference calls, auto-responder emails, and daily and weekly training sessions to get someone started and moving forward. Is that really more “duplicatable”?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing a good system, but we seem to want to dumb down our business to the point that EVERYONE is qualified to do it, that’s just not the case. Like any real business, the one who has the most skill WINS, every time. Not everyone can do our business and we shouldn’t try to make it so.

I do believe in having a smooth process to SORT through as many people as possible, as easily as possible. But, the goal is it to FIND someone who is serious and teachable, not desperate. Hopefully, you have that process in place, but here’s the thing, the one with the best people skills still wins! Every system eventually comes down to dealing with people. Real people.

So basically, you are sorting through people to FIND the right attitude but then you need to DEVELOP leaders. Uh oh. Now what?

First Steps to Success is the answer for so many reasons. But the bottom-line is that you are hiring a multi-millionaire, who made her first millions in our industry, to raise up the leaders in your business. Now you have a TEAM of ninja-like trained professionals. Cha-ching!

The challenge has always been getting people to commit to attending their first First Steps event. What if you had a process, that you could plug your team into, that would identify the serious and the hungry?

Now you do. Recently, Dani said “put more butts in the seats!” Now, this has always been a big part of what Smarter Networker set out to do, now it is our main focus.

SOOOOO, I got to thinking about how we used to put dozens of people, per month, in from of Dani at First Steps. What was our process, exactly? We did two things, over and over….and over and over…

First, we worked with the attitude that we were not going to allow any failures in our business. That meant that someone had to come to First Steps if they wanted to work with us. Second, we had a series of events that ALWAYS pointed people to First Steps with stories and testimonials of the RESULTS people has achieved by attending.

Are you ready for real growth, true duplication and the freedom that our businesses can provide? Are you looking for a simple way to funnel those that are ready into First Steps? Here is how Smarter Networker is going to do exactly that:

  1. Team call – This 30 minute call with your team will set the stage, plug them into the free 30 day bootcamp and get them moving towards the best decision of their career. I will share the history of Dani Johnson, Smarter Networker and First Steps, edify your company and edify YOU as their leader.
  2. Three way closing calls – Put us on the phone with anyone who has done step one or two and we will share some stories, edify the event and edify you. We will find their concerns and address those objections.
  3. Closing call – We will, once again, host a closing call near the next FSTS event. This call helped a lot of people make a good decision for their future.

So, Please take me up on this offer to help you sort through your team and your contacts to find the teachable and hungry people, then, let’s get them to First Steps to Success for their leadership development and your PAYCHECK DEVELOPMENT!