My wife made $65,000 her first year in business in just retail sales income. WHAT?! Yup, $65K….she’s a badass.

So, why do so many people over look this powerful income stream?

I think it’s because most people don’t know how to do this effectively. But, if I show you how, would you follow the steps? If you do, you could easily see a couple hundred bucks in profit by the end of the weekend.

First things first, don’t change the system! Seriously, this is a proven system with a  24 year track record of success. Just don’t change it.

Second, this system was originally designed for a weight loss product but it can be adapted for almost any product or service. We’ll talk about that in a second.

STEP 1 – Create a flyer.  Here is the template

  • Get a local voice mail number
  • Use card stock
  • Use a bright color
  • One ream = 1800 flyers
  • Go to this thread in P1K for tons of details on how-to get the most out of the flyer.
  • You will get about 2-3 calls for each 100 flyers that you put out!

STEP 2 – Put out a few hundred flyers per day. This only takes a few minutes and you can do it while you’re out and about or just strap on some Roller Blades and bust it out.

Step 3 – Read the script on PG. 44 of Dani’s green script book.

Step 4 – Personally deliver the products to your new customers. Take their measurements and a before picture. Really, this is a time to build a relationship that will generate repeat sales and referrals.

Step 5 – Go to the bank and cash the checks!

That’s it!

Now, I know you have a ton of questions and we have answered those at Project 1000, go read the monster thread over there.

To customize the flyer for another type of product just use the flyer as a template and change the “benefit” from “lose 10-20 lbs in 30 days” to something else.

  • Skin care could say “Look 10 years younger in 14 days” or “We’ll pay you to look younger!”
  • Energy/phone could say “Save 20% on your bill this month and every month” “We’ll pay you to save money!”

Keep it short and simple. Again, you’re just trying to get someone to call you, not close the deal.

“Did you really pay them?” Yes! We had a monthly newsletter that where we would publish a couple of good testimonials each month. We would pay those people $200 if we used their story. This gave us a reason to work closely with our clients to get a great story. Today, you, or your team, could do something like this on Facebook.

“How much product should I sell them?” Your company should have a starter pack of some kind, probably a one month supply. I feel the price point sweet spot is around $150. This gives you enough commission to make it worth your time and helps to sort out the less serious clients. Pick one kit and focus on that one package. Don’t offer options.

There are two sources for all of the details for this program:

  • Project 1000 has a thread where we cover a lot of the details
  • Instant Customer Goldmine – This is the master course in developing your retail focused system. Not just getting customers but turning them into RAVING FANS that will supply you with a constant stream of referrals and reorders! Dani over-delivers (as always) in this 4 CD set!

Now go make some money!!