We all know we should set big goals and work really hard at those goals but life always seems to get in the way. How can we balance all of the things that are pulling on our time? Time management? Prioritize? Just quit?

Well we know we can’t just quit so we have to DO something, but what? Here is my suggestion for what it’s worth.

First, figure out WHY you want to achieve those big goals you have set. What positive change will happen in your life when you hit your goal? Financial peace? More quality time with your family? The ability to give more of your time or money? The WHY is what motivates when things get crazy.

Second, make sure you do at  least ONE thing per day to get closer to your goal. Listen to Dani for an hour and make one hour of phone calls per day. Listen to Dani for an hour and make ONE phone call per day. Whatever it is make sure you do something everyday until it becomes a habit.

Third, ask yourself  if the one thing your doing that day actually making you money or getting you closer to your goal. Sometimes we confuse ACTIVITY with PRODUCTIVITY and you have to keep yourself in check.

Spend 80% of your time talking to new people, 19% of your time training your people how to talk to new people and 1% of your times solving problems.

Fortunately, the Smarter Networker bootcamp can take a big chunk of time off of your plate and help train and groom your team. Imagine having 4-5 people who listen to Dani for an hour and talk to people for an hour every day. That’s the same as you talking to people for 5-6 hours. DUPLICATION is a beautiful thing!

Then, forgive yourself when you miss a day and start new the next day. NEVER say “I will talk to twice as many people tomorrow” that never happens and you start stressing yourself out, just forgive and start fresh.

Of course, the very best way to attack your goals is to invest in your own skills and motivation. Sometimes a major MINDSET CHANGE is required to truly make progress.

THIS VIDEO may help, too!