Saturday Training Series – The “Enrolling Barrier” Segment

Enrolling is one of the bigger barriers in our business and breaking that barrier is key to your success.

Your team will thank you and your pay check will grow by adding this segment to your Saturday Training.

In the “Retail Barrier” we spoke about mobilizing your team to start selling product, increasing team volume and generating fantastic commissions quickly.

In the “Enrolling Barrier” you will add fuel to the fire by teaching your group to bring new blood into your business. ALL excitement and growth is in the new! If just 10% of your team members bring in one new person per week you will have a constant flow new people.

This creates all kinds of excitement, new promotions and new leaders.

Leaders for generations have spoken of the magic of RITA. Have you ever heard of RITA? She is the answer to all of your business woes and the teams who embrace her, romance her and treat her with respect always win! What’s RITA? Recruiting Is The Answer!



Step 1: Get familiar with Dani’s Saturday Training outline here.

Step 2: Host a conference call or live training event using Dani’s Saturday Training outline.

Step 3: Play this audio segment at the appropriate time during your training.*

*This can be downloaded and played from your computer or you can stream the recording from the link.

Step 4: Book a weekly training and stay tuned for additional training segments!

Please post your comments below and let us know how this is working for you.

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