This year we are doing a Semi Weekly Webinar Series at Smarter Networker. The idea here is to take a walk through Dani Johnson’s Seven Step Home Business System and give you some practical application that you can use immediately. I will share some of the ways I used this system to build a business to over $250,000 in sales per month working directly with Dani for a number of years.

I will post the replay links on this page but the best way for you to plug in is to register for each event as they happen. This way you will get the replay sent directly to your inbox, even if, you can’t attend live.

Here are the replay links:

1/8/15     Expose, Involve and Upgrade

1/14/15    Dani’s Seven Step System Overview

1/22/15    Step 1: Expose Your Business

1/28/15   LIVE with Dani Johnson! - PRO ONLY

2/4/15      Step 2: Initial Contact- Success Starts Here

2/11/15     Step 3: Presentation Success

2/19/15     Step 4: Close Like a PRO!

3/12/15     Step 5: Mobilize!

3/19/15     Step 6: Duplicate!

4/9/15       Step 7: Leadership Development!

5/15/15     Flyer System Training

6/11/15     Flyers to Fanatics! – Your weekly strategy to get people moving!

8/13/15    Creating Momentum – Dani’s Strategy for Creating Momentum in Your Business!