The Smarter Networker affiliate program is designed to help the professional networker manager their time and stay focused on what’s important, recruiting and selling. We believe that the PRO membership offers a ton of valuable content at a great price, only $100 per year. The benefits include portability of the bootcamp and all of the 200+ hours of additional content so that you can stay plugged in with the informative and encouraging material, even while you’re on the go.


But there are a few benefits and strategies that you may not be aware of yet that can really maximize your time management, build a sense of community and increase your income. Let’s start with your income, by promoting the PRO level package to your new recruits you can help fund your business building activities by earning the $50 commission for each new PRO membership sign up. Whether you are building online, hosting home presentations, advertising, or any combination, you have ongoing expenses in building your business. Integrate the Smarter Networker PRO membership into your system and let the income offset your out of pocket expenses. Just 10 PRO members a month is an extra $500 and that can make a real difference.


Have you ever had “think it over” type person who maybe wasn’t ready to sign up because they didn’t think they had the skills or personality to do this business? While they are trying out your product or service “to see if it works for them” they should also be using the PRO member resources to get a good taste of the training and support they will get once they decide to get started in business. This gets them involved and puts a few bucks in your pocket as well, a win-win.


In addition, the bootcamp alone will reinforce what you have been telling your prospect, help them get over their excuses and promote the need to start at the top of your plan, making your job easier down the road. By putting Dani to work for you right away you will see a higher closing rate and a more serious new distributor who sees the value of ongoing training and following directions. The best thing is that it didn’t cost you any time and you were free to continue talking to new people.


As a leader you know that you will always be overcoming objections from your team in some way. As they develop and grow they may have a lot of questions and ideas that they want to share with you and this can suck up a ton of your time. By sending your folks to a specific Dani recording available in the PRO content area you can use a third party expert, Dani Johnson, to handle those issues for you. Once again keeping your time free to talk to new people while still giving your team great service and the information they need to grow.


We all know that when we pay for something we take it more seriously. PRO members of the Smarter Networker community tend to take the program much more seriously and, therefore, get much more benefit. PRO membership is a good indicator if your new enrollee is serious about their future and helps you decide where to spend your time. Also, you now have something more in common and you can talk to them at much higher level since they are now receiving the best training available, outside of a live event.


The bottom line is that the PRO membership keeps you focused, saves to time, makes you money and can have a very positive effect on your team and the sense of community that you are building. All for $100 a year! – Brian