A week ago, or so, I was writing a list of benefits to attending First Steps to Success for a home business entrepreneur. It was an interesting exercise because a lot of unexpected things came to mind. Normally, I promote this event as a place to get skill and motivation, but it’s so much more than that. I really want someone who has never attended this event to understand what this event is all about.

I wrote down things like; skill set development, leadership development, and encouragement. And more specific things like a duplicatable system, time management and wealth creation strategies. But it all boiled down to one common thread: Mindset.

What Dani does on stage is nothing short of amazing. She jumps into 1000-1500 people’s minds and gets them to think bigger, change directions, and attack their goals with the absolute belief that they will succeed.

A true mindset adjustment.

Yes, she delivers a ton of very specific skills and strategies to achieve those goals. Yes, you will leave encouraged, as much by the success stories as by Dani, and motivated. And, yes, you will have a clear road map to your target.

When you KNOW that your home business is the vehicle to your success, not just something you’re going to “try”, everything changes. When you start treating your business as the multi-million dollar opportunity that it really is, everything changes. When you understand the challenges ahead, but you KNOW they won’t stop you, everything changes.

A true mindset adjustment.

Smarter Networker is designed to help you develop your own mindset change and support you in any way we can. We want to see you succeed almost as much as Dani does, and to that end, we have put together an awesome bonus package for the coming event. These are the kind of bonuses that you can use TODAY and start seeing the change in your mindset NOW.

Check out this short video:

One word of caution, don’t wait to go to work. Don’t wait to attend the next event before you start moving. There is so much you can do today. The FREE 30 Day Bootcamp is an awesome place to start, our BLOG will point you towards the information you might be looking for, and Project 1000 is a fantastic place to be encouraged by other stories! And the BONUS PACKAGE we are offering is a GOLDMINE of high-level training.

I truly hope to see you at the next event. I hope you will join us for our Sunday Shindig! No matter what, we’ll be here for you any way that we can.