Dump your team and start a new one!

What?! Dump my team, are you crazy? No, not really.

Have you ever felt like your business was stagnant even though you are way too busy? Is your check dropping even though you are on the phone more than ever? Have you lost the enthusiasm for your business? Well maybe it’s time to dump your team and start a new one. No I’m not talking about joining a new company and I’m not even talking literally. But I do think it is good to figuratively start fresh ever y few months, here are a few indicators if it is time for you:

  • Do you find yourself spending a lot of time with people who are not producing?
  • Are you talking to the same people every day?
  • Are the same people, and ONLY the same people, showing up at your meetings or on your conference calls?
  • Are you tailoring your trainings for the people who show up instead of for new people?
  • Is your commission check going the wrong way?

It’s time to dump your team!

But, they need me to help them do their business. Then you are in bigger trouble than you thought! This business is all about creating INDEPENDENT distributors so that you can be free to continue to grow.

But, I like my team. Of course you do and you’ll like your new team, too.

Ok, I know this is starting to sound a little harsh so let me clarify. We all know that everything in our business revolves around the new people and yet it is easy to slowly stray away from a new person focus. We start drifting towards a comfortable conversation about our business with people who we like or we think we are helping. Soon we are spending our entire allotted home business time “working with my group” and we skip talking to new people for a day or a week or a month. Our check starts to drop and we wonder what’s going on.

You don’t really have to dump your team but politely tell them you are going to focus on building some new personal business for a while. Get them plugged into your teams training program or into the free  30 day bootcamp at Smarter Networker.  This might be a wakeup call for some folks but if they are strong enough to stay plugged in they will be fine.

Now, do you remember when you first had some success and how exciting that was? Go do that again! Leading by example in this way will duplicate into your business and great things will happen. You may even by surprised to see some of those “old” people step up and start building their businesses, too.