If you have been plugging into Smarter Networker, you know that we offer a TON of free stuff to help you grow. Our world famous 30 Day Bootcamp is taking the industry by storm. Our Facebook group Project 1000 is now well over 10,000 members strong and growing by leaps and bounds. Our blog is a well-hidden treasure trove of strategy and practical application of Dani’s training. Our Monday Night Strategy Call has been running every week, for 12+ years, non-stop! And to top it all off, we regularly offer LIVE webcasts, sometimes we even have Dani Johnson, herself, …did I mention…LIVE!


With all of that free content and training, why in the world should you pony up $99 for a year’s worth of PRO Member access?

Well, think of it this way…

If we are giving away all of that high-value training, IMAGINE how great the content must be if we ask you for $99 to tap into the PRO Vault?

Yes, just the 200+ hours of Dani Johnson training audio (all downloadable, if that’s a word) alone is worth 10X the price of admission, but there is so much more!

It is funny to me that so many people feel that it must be NEW and FRESH for it to be relevant. So not true, but on the other hand, I get it. As someone who’s daily driver is a 27 year old VW, I appreciate things that are tried and true. But, I also own a newer Honda Pilot because it gives me modern conveniences and reliability. I get it.

So, a couple times a year we get a LIVE tune up with Dani Johnson, these usually remind us that the tried and true is still awesome (like my VW). But, yes, there are a few new ways to adapt Dani’s strategy to the demands on today’shome business owner.

To prove that we are not just trying to soak you for $99 and not give you a way to PROFIT from your PRO member investment, we have a very lucrative Referral Partner Program that pays you to get your people started properly. home business entrepreneurs today. All of these video sessions are housed in the PRO Vault for our members to use at will.

Wait, what?

Yup, we pay you a 50% commission on the core products that a new person NEEDS when they start in your business. They NEED Dani’s script books, they NEED “Six in Six” and they should become a PRO, so we pay you to tell them about it, along with the 30 Day Bootcamp. We also give you custom links that tag all of your peeps to you when they plug into the free 30 Day Bootcamp. So, if they buy something later, you still get the hook up. You’re welcome.

Now, I’m sure you are considering coming to a First Steps event, if you haven’t been already. And here is where you will see some ginormous benefits of being a PRO. Serious home business builders know that the front section seats are considered “The Million Dollar Seats”. Fewer people getting up to go to the bathroom, get water and whatever else, means you can focus on what Dani is laying down. PRO members save $100 on the “Fast Track Pass”, which gets you into the ballroom 20 minutes before the masses. More sleep, better seat, awesome experience.

And, NEW for 2017 – The MP3 audio recording for each event will be sold, at the events, for $149 for a 3 day recording. UNLESS, of course, you are a PRO member…then it’s FREE! Just log in to your PRO members area and listen! The more events you attend, the more this feature adds value to your membership.

PLUS, every year, we have several promotions, discounts, and early access opportunities that we hold aside just for PRO member because we love you (not in a weird way, or anything). Going forward, we are building a number of new Skill Development Courses and PRO members will always get a great price on these programs, too.

So, you see, even if ALL you do is consume the 250 hours of audio and the 10+ hours of fresh video, PRO Membership is a no-brainer for the home business entrepreneur (that’s you). If you also take advantage of any of the other features….BONUS, SCORE, GOOOOOAAAAAALLLL!

See you in the vault,