Got that sinking Sunday evening feeling?

About mid-afternoon on Sunday that sinking feeling of dread starts to creep over your otherwise relaxed weekend. You know the feeling I’m talking about, right? The I-have-to-go-to-work-tomorrow-at-a-job-that-I-hate feeling. It starts gnawing in your belly around 3pm when you realize your weekend is slipping away and another week is about to start. It wrecks the last few hours of your Sunday and no amount of sports on TV can mask the pain. You know the feeling.

I have felt that feeling from time to time. I used to feel that way when I owned my own business. It took about 4 years for that business to go from passion to unbearable burden. I have felt this way a few times since then, too, but I learned how to eliminate that feeling!

Here are three things I learned:

1 –  I learned from Hans Johnson was that ACTION crushes FEAR. Many times that gnawing feeling was based on a fear of having to doing something unpleasant. Putting some action towards that task will give you a feeling of success and start the ball rolling. Not doing anything will make that feeling of failure grow and thrive.

2-  I learned from Dani Johnson to NOT resent an unpleasant job but to be THANKFUL for it. I hate that our industry promotes the “Fire Your Boss” idea that your job, that thing that is paying  your bills, is a bad thing. Try building your home based business when you’re flat broke, it sucks. Be thankful, do the best job you have ever done with the best attitude you’ve ever had and you will be shocked at the results. Not only will your day-to-day be better but that thankfulness will spill into your home based business and you’ll see better results there, too!

3- Get involved with people who have what you want and stay plugged in with those people. Do the Free 30 Day Bootcamp, listen to the PRO audios, attend the events, plug into your team calls and let the mindset of successful people change the way you think. Don’t speak around those people unless you have something positive to say. Study the way those people talk, what they do and how they think. Stay plugged in, no matter what, and you will improve.

OK, here is one more thing that you can do to make the future a lot brighter – Get serious about your home based business! You know what you need to do – talk to someone about your business. Set a goal for Monday to talk to one person. Set a goal to go get 10 people to say “no”. Just do something outside of your comfort zone because that is where you will find success. Imagine going to sleep on Monday, this Monday, looking forward to Tuesday and not just Friday!

It can and will get better.


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