Imagine this…

You pick up the phone with excitement and anticipation of what is about to happen. You have a feeling that, today, you are going to find the perfect candidate to fill an important position in your home based business. Your posture of strength reflects the belief that you are about to offer a qualified applicant an opportunity that will change their lives forever. Who it will be is based on the response they give to the words that so easily roll off your tongue. So many want what you have but so few are qualified, who will make the cut?

Call after call, the response is the same “Yes, I would like to hear more” as you send each applicant to take a look at your online business presentation. The follow up calls go just as smoothly, you handle their objections effortlessly, and several of the applicants weed themselves out as the higher quality people start to rise to the top of today’s crop. Who will be the one?

The best part is that the remaining applicants are nearly begging to be your choice. They are trying to not seem too excited but they can’t really hide it.

As you ask the closing questions you think back to a few months ago when you were failing miserably at this, almost giving up. “I just can’t do this” was bouncing around in your head, but those thoughts are long gone now. The word “YES!” brings you back to the present as you find your newest project. As they enter their payment method to purchase your top business package you start looking forward to helping them make their first $1000 and building a new friendship…life is good.

Does this sound like your day of prospecting?

I didn’t think so, and, it wasn’t mine either. I can remember being terrified to pick up the phone and invite people to take a look. I was missing a few things like the words to say, the posture of confidence and a real understanding of the process.

Scripts that make it simple

Then my team leader gave me a simple, single page, script that changed everything. Now my biggest fear of not knowing what to say evaporated. This was nearly 20 years ago and that script now lives on page 33 of Dani Johnson’s Script Book. I read that script 9 times and, three hours later, 8 of those people were in my living room! That was the start of a successful career in home based business.

No, I didn’t always have that kind of success rate and, in fact, our meeting was a totally flop! Of those eight people we didn’t sign anyone up and we only sold one bottle of product….ever. But, in hind sight that didn’t matter because it was a great learning experience and getting that first meeting behind me was a huge step in the right direction. So many people never hold that first meeting or make that first call.

So, what is the trick to making that tough first step of faith? I think there are some things you can do to help yourself get past this hurdle. First, get a hold of the scripts, that should be a given. Next, don’t set your expectations to high. Just making a call is a success when you’re getting started. And last, listen in on someone who is good at inviting and do your best to copy them. But nothing beats just gritting your teeth and practice, practice, practice.

Many good team leaders will provide a few proven scripts and they may even provide some training on how-to do this skill properly. They may do three way calls with you and help you invite your first guests or they may host a live call where they read scripts and you can listen. Consider yourself blessed if you have a team leader like this.

Smarter Networker can help fill the gap if you by providing training in the Free 30 day bootcamp, PRO member content, Script Books and even a new Tuesday Night Live call so you can listen in while I do my best to read scripts to cold leads. See below for the links to these resources.

No matter what, do whatever you need to do to get past this first big hurdle and you will one big step closer to that perfect business day.



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