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Top Down Selling -Part 1

The proven best way to “sell” or “close” is from the top down.  This method creates value for all of the package levels, it duplicates and generates maximum commissions, and it gives people a less expensive option when all else fails. This only works IF you believe in the value of the top package and IF … Read more…

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Ignite Your Fall Push

Ignite your fall push Fall is the best time of year for our business but you need a strategy to take advantage of the season. The reason the coming season is so great is that most people’s schedules are a lot more stable. Great weather, vacations, kids at home, pool parties (instead of home parties) … Read more…

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Week 3: Dani’s strategy to find this months “project”.

At this point you have found some workers and made them some money, now it’s time to upgrade their commitment level! Week 3 of the normal month was always a blast because this was when we had some kind of big event coming up on the weekend and everyone was excited about it. Usually, this … Read more…

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One Step to Make First Steps Better

If you have been to one of Dani’s live events you know how amazing the experience is and how it impacts your business. If you haven’t been yet, prepare to be blown away. But is it possible to make it even better? Yes, I think it is! One of the best things about our business … Read more…

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