Have you ever had one on those moments that triggers a whole new direction in your life? That moment that, when you look back on it, is the hinge to something new and different and, hopefully, better? Usually, those moments are unexpected and not always welcome but they are significant and they cause action.

I had one of those moments shortly after my first training event with Dani Johnson. I had just gained some new skill, I had a plan to put those skills into action and I was excited to work my plan but then came a moment of truth. It was time to pick up the phone. Fear hit me like a ton of bricks, it paralyzed me and caused me to put off making those calls to invite some friends to see my new business. Things got worse as my negative self-talk over took my brain so…. I organized my desk, re-read my notes from FSTS, worked on my list of names, studied my comp plan… everything but call someone.

Now it is the day of my first scheduled home presentation with my sponsor, 3PM, three hours before my guests are to arrive. The problem was I hadn’t invited anyone yet. Facebook didn’t exist yet so I couldn’t just post something there and magically have people show up. I had to do something so I started developing my excuses but that didn’t work because I just kept hearing Dani screaming “EXCUSES ARE JUST WELL PLANNED LIES!” Anxiety.

Then it happened. My sponsor walked in my house to start setting up for my meeting. I told her what was going on, gave her my excuses, tried to reschedule, I even gave her my best “angry eyes” but all 98 pounds of her looked back at me and said “Brian, you’re a coward”. She handed me Dani’s Opinion Script (pg.33 of the script book), she handed me my list of names and then she started setting up her product display. Oh crap!

That was the moment. There was nothing left to do but pick up the phone or quit. I called 9 people on my “chicken list”, the best of the best on my list. Sales reps for Nike and Addidas, a newly retired corporate executive, managers at Chevron, and some cycling buddies. The funny thing was that by the third call it started to get easier. I wasn’t sounding like a robot anymore, I started to relax and have fun (well, not FUN, but, not pure terror either). At 6 o’clock 8 of the 9 showed up at my house!

I wish I could say that everyone signed up and we went out and took over the world and made millions, but that would be a lie. In fact, no one signed up, we sold one $30 bottle of product, and nothing further ever happened from that group. It was still one of the biggest successes of my home business career because I had put it in motion. That moment was, little did I know, the start of a new direction for my life.

Now, almost 20 years later, I have had some success, I’ve made some money and I have seen much of the world because of this industry. But there was something that helped set up that moment, something that is available to everyone. That something is the Home Business Entrepreneurs Workshop with Dani Johnson. You see, I had just gone to my first event with Dani and learned EXACTLY what I needed to do that day. So, it was just a matter of doing it. Yes, fear tried to attack, and it almost won.

But it didn’t win and that’s the point. It would have if I didn’t have a plan. It would have if i had been on my own.  My 80 hour a week business and my huge debt had pushed me to a place of wanting to make a change. Dani had just given me the skillset, and the mindset, the prior weekend and now all I had to do was follow directions. All of the obstacles had been removed and my path was clear, I just had to take the first step.

Everyone has a different experience at their first Dani Johnson weekend and I don’t know what your experience will be but I do know it will be great. You just have to get there. And, just like most of the ten’s of thousands before you, it will not be convenient or easy but it will be worth it. Please don’t wait for the “next one” it will never come. Get to this one.

All the details are here.