I hope you’re off to a great start in June and you’re following Dani’s strategy to create a huge check this month. If you missed “week:1″ of this series click here to get caught up.

Dani never listened to what a new start said; she only watched what they did. How many times did someone get started and say something like “you’re going to get rich off of me alone!” then…. nothing. Remember that this week as we start to identify your “project”.

During this second week of Dani’s monthly strategy there is a lot going on, If you attacked the prospecting like we talked about last week you should have gotten some new people started and there are still folks in your pipeline.  The goal this week is to make your new people some money; to create a fresh story.  “I don’t know all I know is: I did what Dani said and I made $200 in one day!” It’s pretty easy to get some people to show up for presentations when there are a few of those stories popping up.

During this time, you’re also letting your “project” identify them self. They do this by being teachable and following instructions, like, reading the scripts, listening, and putting people in front of you.  During this week, if Dani found a couple of potentially strong workers, she would offer up a contest to create a little bit of competition.  Many times she would tell her new people that the top producer would get all of the other new people Dani had started that month! The cream would start to rise and the intensity would be starting to build.

Of course, Dani would still be working her prospect list, bringing people to the meetings and, generally, leading by example and you should, too. The best way for new people to learn is to see you do it yourself. Resist the urge to “train your people” just do it and let them watch. This builds your reputation and gives you more options at the end of the month. Remember, you still just have a bunch of newbie’s that haven’t really proven themselves yet. I can remember a few times when a late comer ended up being the top producer and earning “project” status.

Helping a new person make their first check is basically doing their first business presentations and getting them started on the three meeting plan (I’ll go into more detail on this later). No matter what system you’re using its important to get that new person doing business and having some success. No amount of coaching or training can create momentum as fast as a little bit of success can. Your new person should be using the Smarter Networker bootcamp everyday, they should have a script book and they should be using your product.

In addition to making them some money this week you want  to dig into their warm market. The trust is already built, so, if they can edify you as the expert, you should have more quick success in their warm market than anywhere else. You’re still looking for a real leader and many times it is found in the warm market of your new people. Dig as deep as you can and use every opportunity to teach someone else how to do what you’re doing. Digging deep is what will make week four extremely productive when we start “building a fire” but I’ll save that for later, too.

So, to recap week 2: Make them some money, let your “project” rise up, and dig into other peoples warm markets.


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