Week 1: Dani’s Strategy to find this months “project”.

One of the things I learned working with Dani in the field was that she had a monthly strategy to build someone else’s check. By focusing on building a new person she would accomplish a number of things that most amateurs don’t understand. The biggest thing this method creates is an endless supply of fresh stories that attract new people to the team in the future. Also, this system would duplicate and those of us working with her were looking for our “project”, as well. Last, everyone made money, short term and long term because this system builds a rock solid business.

This strategy hinges on your first weeks efforts in finding new blood to work with. Usually most amateurs take the first week of the month off waiting for their check, bad idea. Professionals know that the first week is critical to creating momentum and finding their “project”. The project is the person who is most serious and teachable throughout the month. This is the person who will make $1000 or $2000 or $5000 in their first month. Who wouldn’t want to be that person?

So, how do you find that person? ALL-OUT MASSIVE ACTION! Flyers, phone calls, networking, other peoples list of names, ads, leads, etc. In our system we would put out 10,000 flyers promoting the opportunity (make $2000 a month part –time) in the first week of the month and we would generate 300-400 calls. We would read a script and get them to take a look at our presentation. We did 8-9 live meetings a week in an office setting and, then later, home parties. The system doesn’t matter too much but your goal needs to be the same: find a worker.

Why is this so important? Because they have a warm market that you don’t! The MOST valuable thing a new person has is not their credit card but their contacts. Their list of names is where their success lies and it where your new volume will come from.

Some of you just stopped reading because warm market is too intimidating and you would rather work cold leads. There is nothing wrong with that but you are missing out on a hugely profitable opportunity. You need to ask yourself right now “If my opportunity is so great, why am I afraid to tell my family and friends?” We’ll dig into that question another time, but, the point is that there is a ton of business to be had in warm market because the TRUST is already built.

Back to your first week plan of action, your goal is to find 2-4 people who are excited and teachable. Many times these people do not enroll immediately but they start putting their contacts in front of us right away. These people may end up being your top producer that month or they may lead you to that person in week 2 or week 3. Once you have identified these people, get into their warm market as soon as possible and keep driving down as deep as you can.

Week 2 and week 3 get really exciting but we’ll dig into the plan for those weeks in the coming days but for now – Get to work!

Here are some resources to help with week one:

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