Saturday Training Series – The Retail Barrier Segment

If you can break through the “Retail Barrier” your business will soar to amazing new levels!

Why? Retail sales will drive your team volume through the roof, generate tons of commissions and help you achieve new levels in your plan.

If just 10 people in your business sell $100 in product per month, that’s an extra $1000 in volume! Do the math for your team, it gets exciting!

Another big benefit is that it puts money in your new people’s pockets right away and it can generate a ton of new referrals and prospects, too!

Break through the “retail barrier” by adding this segment to your Saturday Training this week!


Step 1: Get familiar with Dani’s Saturday Training outline here.

Step 2: Host a conference call or live training event using Dani’s Saturday Training outline.

Step 3: Play this audio segment at the appropriate time during your training.*

*This can be downloaded and played from your computer or you can stream the recording from the link.

Step 4: Book a weekly training and stay tuned for additional training segments!

Please post your comments below and let us know how this is working for you.

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