Uh Oohh, I just enrolled a new business builder, Now WHAT?!! HELP!

I hear this a lot and I think this may be a reason people never start their business, they don’t know what to do with their new people when they get someone started.

Well, we will take care of that problem right now!

Of course, plugging them into the free 30 Day Bootcamp is always a good thing to do but your new people need specific training and involvement from you about your company. The best way to deliver this info is through a LIVE training because it builds trust, belief and excitement better than anything.

One of the core components of Dani’s business building system was a structured Saturday training event every week. By “structured” I mean there was a purpose to every event. Basically, that purpose was to close people who were not quite sold yet, involve those who were working and upgrade those who were new.

I am going to outline the weekly and monthly plan that Dani constructed so that you can implement this structure into your system.

Also, I will soon be making some core Dani Johnson training content available for you to use with this outline. All you will have to do is to handle some recognition, edify Dani and promote any upcoming events that you or your company may have coming up.

Here is a basic outline for a Saturday training:

Optional segment:

  • Comp Plan training using recognition for each level

So, what are these “barriers”? Basically, they are the barriers that a new person needs to break through in order to develop their skill set and build their belief in what they are doing.

Each week we would touch on each of the four barriers but we would expand on one barrier each week. This gave us four different trainings that we would rotate through each month.

The big key to this, and what makes it so simple, is that EVERYTHING is driven by stories. This allows the “speaker” to basically moderate a stream of stories. Because the stories are the main content the speaker can be anyone who is working and willing to get up in front of the room. DUPLICATABLE!

My last point is that EVERYTHING must ALWAYS be focused on the new people. As soon as you start adjusting your trainings for the old folks, you’re dead! Your only job is to move new people up in their confidence and upgrade their belief in their new business and their own abilities. By keeping it simple and focused you will achieve these goals much faster.


Dani’s Saturday Training Outline Audio Training

Presentation Success System

Insider Secrets to Home Business Success


Stay tuned for the “Product Barrier” training in the next few days. This will be in an audio format that you can stream or play on your conference call.