Saturday Training Series – The Product Barrier Segment

The big benefit of this training segment is better usage of the product, which drives sales volume and generates a raving fan base. Those raving fans will generate new customers like crazy through word-of-mouth.

New people always need to be resold on the products (and everything else) until they start upgrading their commitment to the products by using them consistently, upgrading their orders and sharing their results with those around them.

This training session creates this result and is welcoming to people in your business who are primarily customers but may be looking at ways to add some income to their pockets. So, promote this training to everyone, customers and business builders alike!

Now, in the video I spoke about learning to tell your “I” story. I did not include that in this audio for various reasons but I will do that in the near future in a separate segment.


Step 1: Get familiar with Dani’s Saturday Training outline here.

Step 2: Host a conference call or live training event using Dani’s Saturday Training outline.

Step 3: Play this audio segment at the appropriate time during your training.*

*This can be downloaded and played from your computer or you can stream the recording from the link.

Step 4: Book a weekly training and stay tuned for additional training segments!

Please post your comments below and let us know how this is working for you.

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