The proven best way to “sell” or “close” is from the top down.  This method creates value for all of the package levels, it duplicates and generates maximum commissions, and it gives people a less expensive option when all else fails. This only works IF you believe in the value of the top package and IF you promote every bit of the value to your prospect.

Maximum commissions, big product discounts, faster success are just some of the benefits of the top packages that you offer. A new prospect has no idea why these things are important to them and all they see, if you let them, is the price tag.

You MUST share with your prospect the short term and long term value of each benefit. The best way is with stories of people who did and people who didn’t take advantage of the top packages. Every team has stories of people who had great success in their first few weeks or months and would have missed out on max commissions if they had not started properly.

The top package value is so much higher than the ticket price but many people don’t understand this and they allow their clients to start below the top package. They buy the excuse that their prospect is selling “I really don’t have the money” or “I’m going to try it out at the bottom and move up later”. Allowing these excuses to prevail will kill your business faster than anything, except gossip.

Why? Because of the Law of Duplication.

Here is what happens when someone starts at the bottom and then tries to do the business.  IF you can even get them to invite their friends and do a presentation AND  you get all the way through the close, the prospect will turn to your new person and ask “where did you start?” and with that, it’s over.

Why is it over, you ask?

With the words “…I started at the bottom and I’m working my way up.” still echoing in their ears, the value of the top package has been destroyed.  The prospect says “Well, that sounds good…” and the cycle continues…

Why is this a problem? At least they’re getting started right?

This is a problem because the bottom package does not require a true commitment to their opportunity. If it doesn’t work, so what?

This is a problem because it takes the same amount of work to close a bottom package as a top package, a higher level of skill maybe, but the effort is the same.

But mainly, this is a problem because no one is making any money! How long will someone stay active if they are only making a few bucks at the end of the day? Not only is there very little commission being generated from the small packages, no one is qualified to earn much commission at the bottom level anyway, so what’s the point?

Flip the script, close top packages, and you build a committed team of leaders who are making money and that is attractive to prospects. The bottom line is that PRO’s sell the top package and amateurs buy the excuses of the prospects.

This takes a new mindset, a strong posture and a belief in what you are promoting. You must believe that the top package is the ONLY place to start if you want to make a real run at what our industry promises.

“Man, Brian, you’re harsh!”

Wait, there’s more!

Sometimes it is better to NOT sign someone up if they are not willing to start at the top.


That’s right, I said it!

It just doesn’t make sense to sell someone a 1984 Nissan Sentra who says they want to win the Daytona 500. “I’ll just start with the Nissan Sentra and work my way up to the Dayton 500” You can’t even say that without laughing at how ridiculous it is.

But, here is the deal, if they are serious and truly can’t start at the top this minute; you need to quickly get them plugged into your team system. Get them involved with successful people, get them into the 30 Day Bootcamp, get them using your product, go make them some money or, better yet, get them to a First Steps to Success and they will upgrade their commitment level to TOP PACKAGE STATUS.

Part 2 will address applying this method to First Steps to Success tickets and the top 10 mistakes people make when promoting.


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