Remember when you first got started in your home based business and one of the things that was appealing to you was the “time freedom” that was promised? Maybe you heard something like “You can have the freedom to do what you want, with whom you want, whenever you want”.  It all sounds great but once you get going in your business you start realizing that this business can become a huge time sink. So is time freedom possible? Ultimately, yes, it is.

When you first got started you probably had a number of things fighting for your time. Family, kids, work, church, hobbies, sports….the list goes on but yet you took on another business. In the beginning you were forced to fit your home business into just a few hours a week. That time was dedicated to talking to new people and sharing your product or opportunity because you didn’t have anything else to do! And you probably had some early success but soon you started hearing about conference calls and training’s and big events and trips and…

There are so many options and you may be feeling a lot of pressure to attend your company’s big national event and all of their smaller regional training’s  There are also weekly conference calls, daily team calls, weekly training events, weekly business presentations, annual rewards trips…. The list goes on and on so what are you to do? Maybe you are overloaded by all the events or, maybe, you want to plug into something but you are not really sure where to start.

So let’s get real… your business requires an investment of your time. Now, how much do you really have to invest? Time with God, time with family and your job all come before your home based business. So, NOW how much time do you have? This is not a rhetorical question, figure it out and block it out in your planner. Plan out your day, week, month and the year and then stick to your plan. Yes, you may have to adjust from time to time but, above all else, make sure you keep your priorities in order.

So, let’s say you have 5 hours a week and one full weekend every month for your home based business, where do you spend that time?  In the next few days we’ll dig much deeper into this and, hopefully, by the end of the week you’ll have a plan.

But for today, take a look at all of the things that are available to you and rank them by the RESULTS that they create in your business. Start with making calls as this will be number one on your list, then write down all of the other things you can plug into and decide what is effective and what is not for you and your business. Results don’t necessarily have to be getting someone to sign up but involvement that helps build belief or build relationships is important, too. Think like a new person, what does a new person need to get some financial success quickly? Clue: a new person does not need motivation; they already have it, that’s why they signed up.

Tomorrow we will talk about your weekly schedule. Later this week we’ll tackle the value of the big corporate events and the best place to build your home based business skill set  Check out this link for some great information about Dani’s Dynamic Duplication system, I think it relates directly to what we are talking about.

I’ll leave you with this; If Dani Johnson can run 5 successful companies and make millions of dollars on a strict 20 hour per week schedule, so can you!