Handling objections is so easy a 10-year-old can do it!

In fact, a 10-year-old may be better than anyone at this since they don’t over think the process and they don’t try to use any fancy techniques.

I have a great little video that perfectly demonstrates my point. Read on…

So, maybe you have struggled with the handling objections in your business, too. Maybe you dread that moment after your presentation when you ask your closing question and you just know what is coming…an objection.

ARGGG!!! Why can’t they just be excited and sign up???

Well, that’s just not how it works. People have questions, and sometimes, they sound like objections to your opportunity.

“I don’t have the time” means “I’m busy, can I really fit this into my schedule?”

“I’m not a sales person” means “I love your product but I’m nervous to talk to my friends”

Etc., etc.….

So, when these objections come up what do you do?

Maybe you tense up and try to defend your opportunity with statistics or more information.

Maybe you just accept their objection and fold.

Maybe you try some fancy closing ninja foo you heard at a sales training…

…FORTUNATELY, there is an easier way. So easy, in fact, that a 10-year-old can do it with fantastic success!

STORIES are the answer!

I know, I know, you’ve heard this before (or maybe not) but it’s the truth and I’ll prove it to you if you’ll let me.

But, before we get to that, I want to share a simple diagram to help map out the “handling objection” process.

Here is a secret; you will usually get 2 or 3 objections but you will never get more than 7. This is great news!

Why? Because if you have 10-20 good stories in your arsenal, you are bullet proof!

And, if you own Dani Johnson’s script books, you’ll have plenty of ways to transition from the objection to the story and plenty of closing questions that will keep you in control of the conversation.

When I was building my business in the field, I would always collect the new stories that I would hear every day. I would write down the key points of the story AND a little about the person who shared it. It was helpful to relate the story to the prospect by including a bit about the person who experienced the story. For example, if I was talking to a school teacher, I would try to share stories of people they could relate to more easily. Other teachers, corporate trainers, home schoolers, or any other type instructor stories may have a point that my prospect can relate to.

Another thing that we ALWAYS did was to collect stories at a First Steps to Success event. Our goal was to collect at least 100 stories over the weekend. We would do a quick interview to gather the story, including the main OBJECTION that the person gave when they got started in business. Everyone had objections at the beginning!


So, this is a skill and a habit that you really must start getting comfortable with!

Your business, and your paycheck, will thank you.

Oh, and remember the video I promised a few paragraph ago? The one that proves a 10 year old can use this strategy with success? Well, here it is, enjoy!


Now, you may want a little more guidance around using stories to handle objections. I suggest starting with the 8 hours of audio training that comes with the Script Book Bundle. Also, Instant Customer Goldmine is a fantastic resource with some great instruction in this area.