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In my conversations with folks in the field I have been getting a lot of questions lately about Dani’s Three Meeting Plan.  So, I am hoping to lay it out here and clarify a few questions I’ve been hearing. The three meeting plan is a system of building a home based business that is truly duplicatable and scalable and can fit into almost any business model.

There are a few things that this system provides that make it so powerful. First, it creates sales volume very quickly and this gives your new person quick initial success. Second, it provides “on the job” training and creates independent distributors faster than any other method. Third, it provides stability in the sales team by driving business deep into warm market which creates lasting success.

The example I am going to use is based on a home party model but this system can be integrated into any system. This is the system that I used when working with Dani in the field and we went on to build our business to nearly $3,000,000 a year in sales volume. We had business growing in all 50 states at the same time because this system is simple and fun.

So, let’s say you’ve got a new person who is ready to get to work and make some money; we’ll call her “Mary”. Mary may have started at your bottom level but she wants to work, beautiful. Step one is to have a business presentation at Mary’s home with her friends. Give her a script to read (I used the “opinion script” on pg.33) when she invites her friends. I always gave them a goal of 10 guests which means they need to call at least 20 people. I really only expect 3-4 people to show up but sometimes you’ll get 10, or more. Also, I would tell Mary that this first meeting is just practice and training so the outcome doesn’t really matter. My personal goal is to make Mary some profit and to find another person who wants to make some money.

Meeting #1

Our presentations always had two parts, the first section focused on the company and the products, the second section focused on the comp plan, Dani’s training and getting started.  The entire presentation could be done in about 30 minutes. At this first presentation Mary will have her warmest market, the people that will show up just because she asked, so it is a pretty relaxed atmosphere. All I ask Mary to do in this first meeting is to welcome her guests, share why she is excited and introduce me as the expert. I do the entire first presentation and Mary would take tons of notes.  If Mary has 4 people at the meeting we would usually get one that was not interested, 2 product customers and one person who would have interest in making some money, we’ll call her Dianne.

Now that we have Smarter Networker, I would plug Dianne into the Free 30 Bootcamp and follow up with her the next day, with Mary on the phone, after Dianne has listened to one or two sessions. I will go through the getting Dianne enrolled if she isn’t already and I would schedule a meeting at Dianne’s house. I would take Dianne through the same process of creating her list of names and reading a script.

Meeting #2

Now, its Dianne’s first meeting, which is Mary’s second meeting, and both Mary and I will bring guests to this meeting, so it should be a pretty full house. Dianne will welcome everyone, share why she is excited and introduce Mary as the expert. Mary will do the first half of the meeting and then introduce me as her expert. She will probably mess up the first half presentation pretty badly so I will clean up the mess and do the second half of the presentation. Remember the ONLY THING that really matters are the stories! You can mess up all of the facts and figures and share some great stories and a lot of people will get started. At Dianne’s first meeting we will probably have similar results to Mary’s meeting and we’ll get at least one person (Jeff) started in her business and a couple of customers. The exciting thing here is that both Mary and Dianne are making money and seeing that this business works, we’re building some momentum and excitement.

Let’s say that Jeff is a real go-getter who is already excited and ready to work. We’ll get him plugged into the bootcamp and book a meeting with him. Same deal, help him build his List of Names and read an invite script. I am making sure that Mary and Dianne are on the phone with me while I am getting Jeff started. During this process I am always expect a few objections and I have a bunch of stories ready to crush the objection with a positive testimonial.

Meeting #3

Now, at Jeff’s meeting, Jeff will kick it off, Dianne will do the first half, Mary will do the second half and I will clean up the mess and close. Again, it’s all about the stories and not how good the presentation is done, in fact, sometimes a perfect presentation can intimidate a guest. So don’t worry about how messy it gets, just have fun!

At Jeff’s meeting we’ll find at least one good worker and I will keep driving that leg as deep as I can. I am now done working directly with Mary and she should be doing her own meetings for herself and her new people, just like I did with her. She is still welcome to attend any meeting that I am doing especially if she is bringing a new guest. Also, we would have some sort of weekly training that everyone would plug into and where we would give recognition to everyone who attends.

I would sometimes drive a leg like this down 8-10 levels in one month which would set up big volume at the end of the month (see Dani’s “building a fire” training video). As momentum grows the closing rate increases and the volume at these home presentations can be several thousand dollars. One meeting closed over $14,000 and this was two levels deep in my team while I was doing another meeting in a different town. As this system developed I would sometimes call into five or six home presentations in one evening just to close it up and build credibility for the host.

Within a few weeks Mary has a great story, she has made a few hundred bucks, her team is growing and she is convinced that this business rocks and she has now upgraded to the top starting package! By combining meetings I can leverage my time and build two or three legs at the same time, training people all along the way. By focusing on other people’s success and following every new lead you can build massive volume quickly and have a ton of fun at the same time.



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