I hope you joined us for our recent Tuesday Night Live! calls, they have been a lot of fun.  I wanted to share a few lessons that I learned, or relearned, by doing these calls.

Just to get you up to speed if you haven’t heard, I some how got talked into doing a “live dials” call by David McMenomey over at EarnPro leads. Lately, we have been roommates at the Dani Johnson events and I think he gave me a “ruffie”, or something, to get me to do this. I hadn’t made live dials in about 15 years so I was a little nervous for the first call, to say the least.

But Dani always says that success usually requires stepping out of your comfort zone and this definitely qualified for me. The cool thing was that so many people got excited about this since it seems many others have been struggling with their prospecting, as well. So, we scheduled the first call for the Tuesday after the Cincinnati event, David would supply the leads and I would call them and read one of Dani’s scripts and direct them to the Smarter Networker Bootcamp.

Since I knew I would be getting home about an hour before the call on Tuesday, I planned on reading and practicing the scripts while I was on the plane. The problem was I forgot to pack my script books! Also, I was using a new webinar program that I was hoping to try out before the call, oh well… this was going to be fun.  I got home, kissed my bride and my kids, and headed up to my office.

I was fully ready for the worst to happen since a couple of “friends” (You know who you are Stacy and Jackie) had been telling me their dialing horror stories and I was going to get zero practice before the call. To top it all off, I was struggling with this new webinar program but I just powered through the challenges and hoped for the best. It was time to dial, uggghhh.

The good news was that 350 people had registered to watch this train wreck and I knew I couldn’t bail out! So, I made my first dial…no one answered (phew!), but I had to keep going until I talked to at least one prospect. Next dial…ring ring,… “hello”….uh oh. “Hi this is Brian and I am calling you back. You requested some information ….” 10 minutes later I had made a new friend,Keith, and sent him to some information that could change his life. That wasn’t so bad!

Next dial…ring ring…”hello”… “hey this is Brian….” This time with much more confidence and “posture” but with the same result! Hey, this is pretty painless! that

Surprisingly, on our first Tuesday Night Live! call we made three dials and had two successful interviews with Keith and Jim!

Here are a couple of things that I was reminded of during this process. First, the worry and stress that I caused myself leading up to the call was WAAAY worse than actually making the dials. I used this realization a few times this week and just relaxed and did the uncomfortable thing…much better.  The second big lesson I learned was that there are a lot of hurting people out there that I can only help if I step out and do the tough thing. My opportunity to reach and help others is probably slightly outside of my comfort zone.

One more thing I learned was that, by making these calls, I have added this activity TO my comfort zone! We did a second call the following week and I was actually looking forward to it and hoping it would be a little tougher. It went just as smoothly the second time.

Not only were we able to help introduce a few people to the greatest industry in the world but we were able to get some of our audience off the fence and into action mode! After these calls, a lot of people sent in words of thanks for helping them get past a barrier they built up around this activity. We were able to give people a peak behind the curtain and remove some of the mystery and fear around making live dials.

So, what is that tough thing you’re avoiding? Who will you help by blasting through that barrier and just doing that tough thing? It’s time to step up and git ‘er done! Everyone at Smarter Networker has your back.

If you haven’t gone through the Free 30 Bootcamp, you need to do that now. The first day alone will help you get through your excuses, relieve you of some stress and help you sleep better knowing you’re doing something to make tomorrow better than today!



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